Diamondback DB380 .360 ACP 6rd 2.8 is an excellent handgun for people who need to conceal their guns in the pocket. Autos are generally more concealable than revolvers due to their shape. The Diamondback DB380, being auto, is a better pocket concealed weapon by default. To further enhance the concealability of the gun, a designer must balance between size and effectiveness. This is a balance that Diamondback has largely achieved with this handgun.

In appearance, the gun is like a miniature Glock.

Diamondback DB380 .360

About the Diamondback DB380 .360

The DB380 is a double-action, semi-automatic pistol; it is chambered in .380, as its name suggests. The gun is striker-fired and has a capacity of 6 + 1, and it is recoil-operated. This handgun is one of the few genuinely hammerless .380 guns in the market today. The Kahr P380 is the other popular gun in this category. Therefore, it might give this review some context if we review some aspects of Diamondback against the Kohr 380.

Diamond 380 is substantially less expensive than the Kohr, and it weighs 8.8 ounces when the magazine isn’t attached, which makes it at least an ounce lighter than the Kohr.


The Diamondback DB380 is about 5.24 long and 3.77 inches high; its width is 0.75 inches. These dimensions paint a clear picture of a gun that can fit perfectly in an ordinary pocket.

The Frame

The primary material of this gun’s frame is a polymer that is reinforced with glass. The parts that endure the most friction, the barrel, and the slide, are made by machining them from chrome-moly steel blocks. This gun is made in the United States, which means that it meets all the stringent safety and quality conditions set by the regulatory agencies in the country.

Further, the frame is ergonomically designed to give you the highest possible grip. This ensures that your finger is in line with the axis as you shoot, giving you much more control and accuracy.


The Diamondback D380 has a firing pin block. This block keeps the firing pin from moving forward unless the trigger is fully depressed, significantly reducing the possibility of the gun discharging accidentally.

Its trigger is made from stainless steel; it has a total length of ½ an inch, weighing five pounds. Diamondback D380’s entire firing system, including the magazine slide, trigger, and rails, is made from chrome-moly steel and coated with black oxide.

The slides come in three forms. Some are made from nickel, others melonite or EXO. Diamondback advertises EXO coatings as an option giving the slides of your DB380 permanent lubrication. Besides lubrication, EXO makes your gun easier to clean. It also hardens your slides, making them resistant to corrosion while at the same time dissipating heat.

The use of steel for a magazine latch is thoughtful as it doesn’t lose its grip with use. The latch is set low to prevent the magazine from coming off accidentally, which can happen when a gun is in the pocket. This pocket gun manufacturer has given it a closed design, which keeps pocket lint from getting into the gun.