The Glock 42 380 Auto is an ultra-compact Glock for the discerning shooters looking for the smallest yet effective firearm for use. The G42 has all the features any shooter would dream of, from integrated safety features to durability and reliability. Its small size makes it ideal for pocket carry and easy to use for shooters with small hands. Here are its features and specs.

Features of Glock G42 .380 Auto Pistol

The pistol features a slimline compact design, making it easy to conceal when walking in public. It is also a lightweight firearm, which makes it easy to use with both arms at a moment’s notice.

The gun has a polymer grip with Generation 4 texture. It also has rear and front polymer sights. Therefore, it does not slip from your arms even when shooting in wet conditions.  The polymer grip does not wear out with regular use.

It has a SAFE ACTION® System that prevents accidental firing. This system is made of three passive mechanical safeties that operate independently. The three safety systems disengage in a sequence as you pull the trigger and re-engage immediately after shooting in a forward position. They include trigger, firing pin, and drop safety.

The pistol has a trigger reset feature when firing sequential shots in that you do not completely release the trigger when firing a second controlled shot. Once you shoot around, you partially release the trigger until you feel and hear it reset.

It has a 6+1 magazine capacity – a 6-round magazine and one round in the chamber when fully reloaded.

Glock Technology

The Glock 42 is built with exceptional engineering to help shooters use the firearm with ease, especially under stressful conditions. It has up to 34 parts, far less than the competition. This reduces the number of possible technical problems, which in turn makes the pistol reliable. Besides, it makes durable parts, which extend your Glock’s life and reduce the maintenance costs.

The Glock has a low bore axis (the center of the barrel), which results in less muzzle rise and recoil than comparable brands. It also increases the accuracy of the firearm. Its extractor also serves as the Loaded Chamber Indicator (LCI) that shows there is a cartridge in the chamber.


Brand                Glock

Model Name   42

MPN                 UI4250201


Overall length: 5.94 inches | 151 mm

Slide length:  5.75 inches | 146 mm

Overall width: 0.98 inches | 25 mm

Slide width:  0.83 inches | 21 mm

Total height when the magazine is loaded: 4.13 inches | 105 mm

Trigger distance: 2.40 inches 61 mm

Barrel length 3.25 inches | 82.5 mm

Weight when loaded with a magazine: 450g | 15.87 oz

Weight without the magazine: 13.76 oz

SKU    178230636

UPC    764503910616

Caliber            .380 Auto

Class   Subcompact

Capacity          6+1

Sights  Fixed

Grip     Standard

Trigger            Standard

Safety  Trigger Safety

Finish  Blue/Black

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