This semi-automatic pistol is entirely made in the United States, parts and assembly. Its body is black, made from polymer, and it has a 4.5″ barrel. It has 10+1 .40 caliber Smith & Wesson bullets. This pistol is bigger than most of the more classy brands, but it is also more affordable.

This handgun is blowback operated, but it is unlike most blowback pistols which are .380 caliber. The need to accommodate the powerful .40 Smith & Wesson cartridge necessitates the bigger size and mass of the gun’s slide that ultimately increases its size.

The additional weight reduces recoil and increases the pistol’s accuracy, especially for novice shooters who have yet to manage recoil. One other feature of the gun that increases its accuracy is its fixed barrel, like any blowback pistol. Unlike some lower-priced pistols, this one remains accurate and flawless when loaded with shells from different manufacturers.

The Hi-point .40 S&W has three-dot fully adjustable sights, and its polymer body is well textured to improve the weapon’s grip. The dots on the rear sights are painted red.

hi point 40 In the Box

The Hi-point .40 S&W full-size pistol 34010 comes in a cardboard box. Besides the gun, the box has a single magazine – 10 rounds capacity. It includes a trigger lock, a chamber flag, a sight adjustment key, and another peep sight. You can use the sight adjustment key to adjust the sight for elevation and windage.

You will also be happy to know that this weapon comes with an unconditional lifetime warranty. The gun is under warranty even if it has been handed down from the original user.

On the body

Besides other aspects of the body we have mentioned, the gun also has deep serrations on the rear, near the breach. This deep serration comes as an indicator of whether the gun is loaded or not. You can also tell how many rounds you still have in the chamber. Its safety is mounted on the left-hand side of the frame, and it is easy to release the magazine using the release button positioned behind the trigger guard.

The 34010 is quite plain, so don’t expect a lot of frills. It has none. The lack of frills is largely acceptable because the manufacturer has invested in more functional aspects of the gun. As a result, the pistol is quite good in terms of accuracy and function for its price range. This pistol has a total of 7.75″ from butt to muzzle, and it weighs 2.1875 pounds.

Even though the gun is big, you don’t need to worry about getting a holster for it (remember, it doesn’t come with one). Appropriately sized holsters are readily available. On the whole, for a gun that costs less than $200, this is a great piece for home use and even for use by law enforcement officers.

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