This is one of .22 handguns by Sig Sauer. Its features are pretty standard. The gun comes in a plastic casing, a second magazine, additional recoil springs, and a lock and key. It also has a user’s manual.

SIG Sauer Mosquito


The SIG Sauer Mosquito has a total length of 7.2 inches from barrel to butt. It is 5.3 inches high and 1.5 inches wide. The barrel alone is 3.9 inches long, and the gun’s total weight when fully loaded is 24.6oz.


Sig Sauer Mosquito is arguably the best automatic handgun in the market in ergonomics. This handgun has an almost perfect grip. It allows all the fingers of your shooting hand to remain behind the magazine floor plate. The manufacturer has made the backstrap in an ergonomic curve to enable the meaty part of the palm to rest comfortably on it. This handgun comes in different colors. There is black for the more conservative owners and pink, purple, brown, or green. These guns all have the same design. They each come with a rail on which to mount accessories such as lasers and lights.

The frame is also chequered in all the right places to enhance your grip when shooting. The frame is primarily made of polymer. The other important part of the frame you might be interested in is the trigger cover. It is squire in shape and sufficiently wide to cover the trigger entirely. There is also sufficient room inside the trigger cover to enable you to use the gun as you prefer. The outer part of the cover has a hook on the lower part. This is where you can rest your finger if that’s where you prefer to keep to rest it when you aren’t shooting.

The gun has rear sights that have yellow dots. These yellow dots glow in the dark to make the gun relatively more useable at night. You can adjust these sights to account for wind resistance. Besides color customization, the SIG Sauer Mosquito is also customized for different hand sizes, so you choose the right size for you. You will also be happy to know that both right and left-handers can use the gun.


The handgun has a wide trigger that is easy on the finger even when used for long. It requires 8 pounds of force and 14 pounds for double action. The amount of pressure you need to fire is relatively higher than other guns, which is one of the blights in an otherwise great gun. The SIG Sauer Mosquito has a safety behind the slide.


The fully loaded magazine has ten rounds, and the gun has an easy-to-use lever that is well angled. It releases easily whether the magazine is loaded or not. Therefore, you should steer clear of the lever when using the gun; otherwise, you will lose the magazine.

This gun is relatively easy to disassemble and assemble according to the manual. Just make sure it is not loaded when stripping it.

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