The Package

When you buy this gun, you can get either one of two possible kits; the standard and essential kits. The standard kit comes with a reloading tool and a belt pouch for the magazine and the magazine. The package also contains a magazine holder and a plastic holster. The holster quality is pretty decent, but it may not meet the standards of purists who believe that holsters should be made of leather. One can always buy a leather holster if they are a purist in that regard.

The Body

The Springfield XD which sort of looks like a double-decker bus appears best suited for the IWB (inside the waistband) carry as it might be a bit bulkier than the ideal gun for the bearer of a conceal and carry license. You can still hide it, though.

Another of the XD’s cool features is a lever that helps you determine if you still have some rounds left in the magazine. All you need is to move your finger on the chamber, and you will find out whether you have ammo or not. This method of checking is advantageous because, unlike having to remove the clip to check or visual confirmation, it doesn’t distract you from your target.

XD Magazines and Loading

The gun comes with two magazines; a 13 round flush magazine and a 16 round clip with grip extension. If your hands are too big for the gun to feel comfortable in your hand, you can buy an additional magazine extension to get it to sit right on your hand. The gun’s magazines are made from stainless steel, making it very easy to load the clips and release them. It may be a bit harder to load a magazine to which you have added an extension to suit bigger hands initially, but you break it after loading for some time. On the whole, however, this handgun has surprisingly strong magazine springs, and you get to enjoy the benefits if you own the gun.

The gun’s sights are visible during the day. You will have to obtain some night sights if you want to use the XD in the dark as the standard ones from the gun are barely visible in the dark. The XD has a three-inch barrel, but it is still accurate within the range of a weapon in its category, about 25 yards. The XD’s grip is well rounded, and the whole gun is well-designed ergonomically. It has a perfect grove for the thumb, which eliminates the possibility of blistering even when using the weapon for long periods.

XD Safety

The XD has both trigger safety and grip safety. That extra layer of safety keeps the gun from accidental discharge when you walk around in a less-than-neat environment like in the woods, reholstering, etc. The weapon can’t fire when the grip safety is on, but it doesn’t make it impossible to draw and fire the gun quickly.

It is easy to assemble and disassemble the XD thus you can always clean it without apprehension. On the whole, the XD is a reliable, good-quality gun that you can find at a relatively low price and count on for a long time.