Often, we have seen clients coming to Las Cruces Gun Store asking DPMS Panther Oracle .308 AR-10 is a good gun. The answer is always yes, and especially for shooters looking for an entry-level gun. The sporting rifle was mostly used by law enforcement, but today, you will find a good number of civilians with it.

The gun is loved for its versatility and accuracy. What else about the rifle will impress you?

1. Durability

Rifles can be expensive, and this is one of the reasons users may reduce the frequency of use. This is something you will not have to worry about with the DPMS AR10. Its wear and tear rating are good, as it is hard to get worn pout by taking it to the woods for hunting. You can count on it top maintain its appearance even after many years of hunting.

2. Caliber Interchangeability

This is a great advantage to entry level users. Changing calibers is one of the challenges experienced by shooters. This is something that is very easy to use mainly because the lower receiver maintains its position and the shooter only has to change the upper one.

The rifle’s system is modular making it possible for the user to try out different calibers.

3. Functional stock fit

This is yet another thing about the rifle you are going to love. DPMS AR10 features a collapsible rear stock. This enables usability when you require a short rifle, and a full-length rifle too. The pistol grip also adds to the ergonomics of the gun.

While you may struggle with mounting accessories on other guns, the process is effortless with this rifle.

DPMS AR10 Specifications

To better understand the functionality of the gun, some information on the specifications will help. For instance, the rifle’s action is direct-impingement semi-automatic.

The gin has a 20-round magazine and will accept any standard AR magazine. The caliber is .308 Winchester and a heavy barrel. The Pardus 6-position collapsible stock is one of the outstanding features of the gun.

The upper receiver of the rifle is extruded 7129 T6 A3 flat top, while the lower receiver is billet 6061 T6. The rifle has an A2 pistol grip, curated to meet the AR-10 rifle needs. The injection is also molded for excellent performance and comfort.

The trigger is 5 pounds and 2 ounces. The gun also has a flash hider, which is necessary especially if the rifle is being used at night. The flash hider is responsible for dispersing burning gases and the glare at the exit of the muzzle. Note that this flash often affects visibility in the night as it affects the eyes of the user.

The rifle does not have sights but has a railed gas block with ready optics. The overall length of the gun falls between 32.5” – 36.5” and weighs 8.3 pounds.

The gun generally has a compact frame. The gun is made and also designed in the USA by AR experts, which ensures high precision and accuracy. Keeping the specifications in mind, reliability, and accuracy is something you no longer have to worry about.

DPMS Panther Oracle .308 AR-10