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Are you passionate about guns and looking for a Las Cruces guns store to shop at? Are you sick of going into gun stores that lack the products you’re looking for and having to talk with inexperienced, unfriendly staff? Well, sigh no more! If you’re in New Mexico and looking for the best Las Cruces gun shops, look no further than Miller Guns and Ammo!

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Discover The Best Las Cruces Gun Store

Miller Guns and Ammo has the best inventory of guns and shooting accessories in New Mexico. The folks at Miller Guns Las Cruces are true experts who cater to outdoor sports enthusiasts, gun enthusiasts, gun collectors, hunters, competitive shooters, casual shooters, and anyone else interested in guns or personal defense. Miller Guns and Ammo, located in Las Cruces, New Mexico, is a family-owned outdoor and sporting goods business that’s been open since 2014. 

They’re home to one of the largest inventories of tactical rifles and handguns in the state of New Mexico. This mom-and-pop store is one of the best Las Cruces guns stores because they have the friendliest staff and offer out-of-state FFL transfers, as well as a 90-day interest-free financing option.

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Inventory at Miller Guns and Ammo

At this Las Cruces guns shop, customers can expect to find single box ammo, bulk ammunition, pistols, shotguns, rifles, and suppressors. Customers can also find AR-15 parts and accessories, pistol and AR-15 safes, pistol and rifle sights, and pistol and rifle bags at Millers Guns Las Cruces. 

This Las Cruces guns shop also has a large selection of used items that are available to purchase, including revolvers, pistols, rifles, and shotguns. Other items like scopes, red dots, hearing protection, range bags, backpacks, flashlights, tactical knives, holsters, and pistol and rifle magazines are also available to purchase at Miller Guns and Ammo.

Law Enforcement and Miller Guns and Ammo

Miller Guns and Ammo has a Class III license and specializes in SBRs and suppressors. This gun shop also carries Glock Blue Label and Smith & Wesson firearms that are available to law enforcement and military members for purchase. Their Blue Label Program offers almost a 20% discount. This Las Cruces guns store is the only law enforcement dealer in southern New Mexico.

Gun Safety

All of the staff at Miller Guns and Ammo are military veterans, so they have both knowledge and experience with all of the equipment in stock. Not only do the staff want customers to leave the store happy with their purchases, but they also want customers to be educated and informed about their purchases. That is why Miller Guns and Ammo has four tips that can make gun owners more responsible. 


First, you should handle all guns like they’re loaded at all times. Responsible individuals will take their time and personal check to make sure a gun is clear and not loaded before handling it. 

Keep Your Barrel Down

Second, you should always keep the barrel down. Situational awareness is key. Before making contact with a gun, you should always consider your environment and determine a safe direction. Responsible gun owners should keep their guns pointed in a safe direction at all times, no matter whether they are transporting the gun, laying the gun down, showing it clearly, shooting the gun, or loading it. 

Being a responsible gun owner

Third, responsible gun owners will keep their fingers off the trigger until they decide to shoot. The trigger finger discipline will help responsible individuals maintain gun safety. This means that your safety finger is your trigger finger, and it must stay straight and rest alongside the frame of your firearm at all times until you have decided to shoot. Once your sights are on your target, you may shoot, and your finger may move to the trigger. 


Fourth, responsible individuals will keep their firearms away from unauthorized people at all times. Guns should be stored safely and not accessible to unauthorized persons, including criminals, guests, or children. Gun storage safes are available to purchase at Miller Guns and Ammo so you can keep your firearm at home without worrying about it.


Firearm education is essential for firearm sales. Firearm education and safety ensure that people learn how to handle or own a gun responsibly. At Miller Guns and Ammo, their expert staff is committed to helping New Mexico gun owners learn about all the safety precautions that come with handling a firearm, especially if someone is a first-time gun owner. 


Miller Guns and Ammo also offers concealed carry classes for anyone that is looking to obtain their permit. It’s no wonder why Miller Guns and Ammo is considered the best Las Cruces guns store.

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