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In-Depth Review of the SIG P320 X5 Legion Pistol

Get the inside scoop on the SIG P320 X5 Legion Pistol with this detailed review of its shooting accuracy, magazine capacity, ergonomics, and more.

Come explore this highly-regarded pistol from SIG Sauer and find out why it’s a top choice for those who need reliable firepower coupled with superior craftsmanship.


The SIG Sauer P320 X5 Legion is a highly regarded striker-fired 9mm pistol designed for advanced shooting performance in various duty and competition applications. Featuring an enhanced grip module with an extended beavertail, advanced ergonomic contours, and improved Tactile Extended Magwell, this 1911-style pistol has had great success in competitive circles and has been praised by professional shooters.

The SIG P320 X5 Legion also features upgraded sights, a lightened trigger system, and precision machined stainless steel parts to increase accuracy and reliability in even the toughest of situations.

Ergonomics and Design

The SIG P320 X5 Legion has a unique 1911-style grip design with an extended beavertail that provides improved ergonomics to increase accuracy and control. It features an enhanced trigger guard undercut and Tactile Extended Magwell for quicker magazine loading, as well as aggressive slide serrations for a more secure grip when shooting.

The gun also boasts an advanced short-rest trigger system, which reduces the pull weight and increases precision when shooting.

Accuracy and Reliability 

SIG P320 X5 Legion is known for its accuracy and performance on the range. The short rest trigger system allows for quick target acquisition with a consistent trigger pull, producing tight groupings for highly accurate shooting.

The gun’s advanced frame construction has been designed to be reliable and strong, making it ideal for many different shooting situations and applications.

Magazine Capacity 

The SIG P320 X5 Legion includes two 17-round magazines which make it great for competitions like USPSA. Additionally, its universal interchangeable magazine design supports the use of all SIG SAUER double stack magazines, including the E2 series and extended capacity 21-round magazines for even more on-the-go firepower.

Trigger and Recoil Management

The SIG P320 X5 Legion features a flat-faced trigger with an integral trigger safety, allowing for a clean break. This light and short trigger press is matched by an extremely reliable reset. Its low bore axis helps reduce felt recoil, making it one of the most enjoyable guns to shoot with during competitions or the range.

Furthermore, its enhanced grip module gives you excellent control over the gun in any condition.

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