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What are the top 7 best 9mm Caliber-Carbines?

Most shooters fancy plinking as it is an inexpensive and fun sport. For the shooters who do not want to use a magnum cartridge or a military gun, 9mm carbines could serve the purpose. This carbine is quite affordable and easy to shoot. The weapon can also be used for several purposes such as home defense, plinking, and even hunting.

This guide provides you with a brief overview of some of the best 9mm carbines. However, to decide which one to purchase, you will have to dig deeper and find more information. Every model has its unique performance, i.e., light recoiling and fast shooting. These 9mm carbines for sale are highly suppressible and gain modest velocity.

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Here are the best 9mm carbines you can purchase:

Wilson Combat AR9

One of the respected and prestigious firearms firms is Wilson Combat. Their prowess is renowned worldwide, so you would expect their product to appear on this list. The company produces a 9mm chambered rifle that takes the AR 15 style. They also made it cheap for anyone who may want to purchase the carbine.

The top-leading firm also enhanced the rifle’s mag for it to work using the Glock style magazines. This handgun is quite different from any other 9mm AR 15 as this has a lot of attention to detail and high quality. It is pricey due to these qualities, and again the gun is flawless.

That means if you are searching for a bedside gun, then the 9mm Wilson Combat AR9 is your gun. It works perfectly for home defense. The elderly can easily use this gun to defend their homes.

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Sig Sauer MCX

Sig Sauer is widely known for combat handguns. However, tables are turning, and the rifles coming out are pistol-caliber carbines and submachine guns. This rifle is designed as a submachine gun and stands out among the 9mm carbines. It is categorically among the best semiautomatic 9mm carbines manufactured in the world.

Sig is known for the manufacture of military equipment, but the firm seems to have moved to civilian model firearms. The ergonomics of this fantastic rifle resemble that of AR 15. The magazine and bolt release of the Sig Sauer MCX is in the same place as the AR 15. MCX is currently among the best 9mm caliber carbines in the market. These guns are not easily found and can be pricey.


HK is regarded as the highest-quality manufacturer of firearms. Their guns are military-grade. Note that almost all the special unit operations use HK pistols, rifles, and precision rifles. Some of their rifles have even attained an iconic status, such as the UMP.

The legal version of this rifle is known as USC. There is no significant distinction between military-grade gun for someone who understands these guns fully. However, you already know that HK has a premium price for its products. The HK USC is no exception; it is expensive. With a high price tag, the 9mm carbine is one of the best in the market, with smooth shooting and the flattest recoiling.

Beretta CX4 Storm

Beretta is a legendary pistol manufacturer known for the finest rifles and shotguns one can get. The parent firm produces the most sophisticated and expensive African double rifles. That means you should not be surprised when they make the most efficient 9mm carbine.

Beretta manufactured this carbine to give the law enforcers a practical and lightweight pistol rifle. This version of the 9mm is famous, and that means the handgun is easily found. Beretta manufactured this carbine mainly for training companies and agencies. However, it is also ideal for plinking, game hunting, and home defense.

Zenith HK MP5 Clone

Laying your hands on this carbine as a U.S citizen is almost impossible unless you have huge amounts of cash to purchase firearms. If you wish to spend a good chunk of your money, then the Turkish HK MP5 clone is a perfect option.

These rifles are also available in 9mm variants at favorable prices. MP5 clones can have modern accessories such as stabilizing braces. 

CZ Scorpion Evo

CZ company is widely known for the manufacture of pistols. However, the company started manufacturing the coveted Scorpion EVO, which is available as a rifle and pistol. The handgun created was to offer customers the option of a short-barreled rifle. The firm will even sell you the required kits to help convert the gun to an SBR.

CZ Scorpion EVO is made from light materials such as reinforced steel and high-quality polymer, making it highly portable. The handgun has a very soft recoil. Fitted with a suppressor, the CZ Scorpion EVO is the perfect pistol for training. People who fear the recoil will do well with this handgun. The gun is not high quality like other 9mm carbines, but it is easily accessible and quite affordable.

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Kel-Tec Sub 2000

This gun is undoubtedly one of the unique 9mm rifles on the market. The most intriguing feature of this carbine is the folding design. It can easily fold into a 16-inch cargo that can be dumped in a sports bag, a rucksack, or in your car. Kel-Tec Sub 2000 also deploys very fast by pushing a button. The handgun is also very light because it is made up of fiberglass-filled nylon. Kel-Tec, the manufacturer, has added some flexibility to the gun. You can choose a wide range of magazines to use, such as Glock, SIG Sauer, Smith & Wesson, and Beretta.

This handgun bears intuitive and straightforward controls. Not forgetting the extras like sling mounts, ample rail space, aftermarket upgrades, and fiber optic front sight.

Ruger PC Carbine

Ruger is among the new firearms that bear the 9mm. Understand that this is a takedown gun. The gun weighs only seven pounds meaning it is very light and portable. It is a 34-inch rifle that is very flexible. Ruger has made the weapon compatible with Glock and Security 9 magazines. The gun bears some stunning extras, such as a fluted barrel and a threaded muzzle. Its fiberglass-filled nylon increases the gun’s accuracy by giving the user a rigid platform. The Las Cruces Gun Store has Ruger 9mm carbines for sale.


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