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Rossi RS22 .22 LR Semi-Automatic 10rd 18″ Rifle Reviewed

Good .22 rifles are often pricey, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. The Rossi RS22 .22 LR Semi-Automatic 10rd 18″ Rifle is a semi-automatic .22 that is made to give you a high-quality shooting experience at a bargain. This gun’s stock is synthetic and all-weather. It has blowback action. The rifle has a recommended retail price of an affordable $139.

Though affordable, the Rossi RS22 .22 LR Semi-Automatic 10rd 18″ Rifle is anything but cheap. It has some features that are more commonly associated with expensive guns. For instance, since it is a bolt action gun, its bolt comes with an extended cocking lever. The over-extended lever is usually an expensive after-sale addition in most .22 rifles. In the case of Rossi RS22, it is included in the buying price.

The other ‘expensive’ feature of this gun is that the bolt opens automatically at the last shot.

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The Magazine and Trigger

This rifle has a ten-round magazine. It is a detachable box magazine that is quite easy to operate since its catch is deliberately made to be user-friendly. You must remove the magazine to release the rifle’s bolt.

You release the magazine using a lever located right in front of the trigger bracket. The release lever is ergonomically designed for the thumb to hold and operate it easily.

The gun’s trigger is balanced for new and experienced shooters. When the gun is new, it is 6.25, but the rifle’s trigger gets to 6.0 pounds after using it for a while. The force needs are ideal for new shooters since a light trigger can lead to many accidental discharges, but it is smooth enough for new users to handle effectively.

The Stock

Rossi RS22’s stock is synthetic, and it comes in black. While it has a hip young look, the stock has the dimensions to allow adults to use it. The stock length of 13.5 inches is long enough for adults to use. It is quite comfortable for those who prefer a shoulder shot as the cheekpiece is well designed for it. Both left-handed and right-handed shooters can shoulder this gun as the cheekpiece is appropriately designed for both. It is easy to hold the Rossi RS22 firmly due to the checkered pattern the manufacturers have made at the pistol grip and the fore-end.

The stock also contains a finger’s hold and sufficient bulk to help with the stability of the gun when shooting. The rifle has an inbuilt iron sight which is well-positioned to enable you to focus and shoot easily. Rossi RS22’s stock also features studs for a sling swivel and a buttplate; the buttplate is made of plastic, and it is serrated.  

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Feel and Function

Unlike many low-priced guns, the Rossi RS22 feels great to use. Malfunctions are virtually non-existent, and the gun is pretty enjoyable to use on the range. The RS22 has an inherent accuracy at 50 yards. The gun’s accuracy may reduce at longer distances, but it remains respectable for a gun in this category.

What distance will a Rossi RS22 shoot at?

22 rifle shooting and small game hunting occur around 25 yards.

Rossi RS22 was made where?

The semiautomatic comes with an all-weather synthetic stock, blowback action, and a full-featured trigger. It retails for $139. The gun, which is based on the same platform that its bolt-action counterparts, was made in Brazil. It shows how modern gun manufacturing has become.

Are Rossi RS22 LR guns good?

The Rossi RS22 has been generally accurate in absolute accuracy. The Rossi RS22 can be used for headshots and shoulder shots with the game at 25 yards. The rifle can produce four-inch groups at 50 meters using the standard iron shots.

Rossi RS22 firearms are very affordable and yet durable over time. Although they are considered to be a low-end brand, their guns aren’t made cheaply nor are they cheaply looking.

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For its price, the Rossi RS22 .22 LR Semi-Automatic 10rd 18″ Rifle is a great gun with much higher facilities than its price.

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