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Remington Tac 14: The Perfect Truck Gun?

Are you interested in getting a new truck gun? Are you a seasoned shooter looking to invest in the perfect shotgun for home defense? Then look no further than the Remington Tac 14”! 

Remington Tac 14 Overview

The Remington Tac 14 is America’s best-selling shotgun. It is made with a black oxide finish, and the receiver is milled from solid steel. The Remington 870 Tac-14 is a new take on an old classic. The Remington Tac 14” is a twelve gauge pump action shotgun that is powerful enough to protect your home and family while being small and manageable in size. 

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Remington Tac 14 Features

The Remington Tac-14 features a Magpul M-Lock forend, a Raptor pistol grip, and the reliability of the Model 870. It delivers the finest, shortest, threat-stopping power. The Remington 870 Tac-14 weighs just over six pounds and is just over twenty-six inches in length, with a fourteen-inch barrel. It has a standard trigger with cross-bolt safety and a bead sight. 

It can easily be stored cruiser ready under your bed and is accurate from twenty yards. The Remington Tac 14” is just one of Remington’s well-designed, high-quality, tough, and robust products. The compact design makes for excellent hitting power, and it is easy to add a strap on the front to help control and hold down the front of this gun.

The Raptor pistol grip of the Remington 870 Tac-14 is made with a glass-filled polymer that makes it stronger and more rigid than a straight polymer. The Raptor pistol grip is also made with a bird’s head grip that maximizes recoil control. 

The Magpul MOE M-Lok Forend is also specially designed to have rear and front hand stops while being longer than the standard, which also helps improve control. The fourteen-inch barrel of the Remington Tac-14 has a bead sight and no choke, so it is a cylinder bore.

The trigger is surprisingly light and has a clean brake, so the grip is firm even when wet. Unlike other twelve-gauge shotguns, it is easy to aim and nail targets with accurate precision using the Tac-14, while the recoil remains in your control.

The Remington Tac 14” can easily be shot from eye level using the bead sight or from your hip to bore some of the brunt from the recoil. Overall, the Remington Tac 14” is a well-made, reliable, fun to shoot, resilient firearm that anyone can enjoy shooting.

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Price and Usage

This Remington product comes at a fair price and is fun to shoot. Just make sure to practice with the Remington 870 Tac 14, so you can find the right position to compensate for the recoil. The Remington Tac 14” makes it easy to engage multiple targets, even in short order, and is excellent for three gunshots. The worst is over once you get a feel for the shockwave handle, and you should be careful if you shoot fast. 

To get the most accurate and controlled shot, be sure to hold the Remington Tac 14” out in front of you at eye level. Just be careful if you want to shoot from the hip. The shockwave grip helps soak up recoil and gives you a better grip than a pistol. Although we do not recommend shooting the Remington Tac 14” with one hand, you can do it as long as you support the barrel properly.

We also recommend practicing shooting with the Tac-14 a lot and trying out different loads to see which one works for you. The recoil can vary depending on the load you use, but this shotgun can mostly handle any ammo you use with it.

The Tac-14 makes a great truck gun. It is more maneuverable than a full-size 870, which comes in handy when you are shooting in close quarters. Plus, the size of the Remington Tac 14” makes your point-shooting faster and more accurate.

Gun Laws in Relation to Remington Tac 14

Enacted in 1934, the National Firearms Act (NFA) prevents people from buying certain firearms without going through an extensive process. Due to the fact that the Remington Tac 14” has a Raptor pistol grip instead of a shotgun stock, and because its barrel is less than eighteen inches long, it is considered a non-NFA shotgun, so it does not require NFA registration. 

Most states are Tac-14 friendly, but we do recommend checking your state and local laws to see if any other rules apply.


Whether you are looking for a firearm to protect your home or even just looking for a new truck gun, the Remington Tac 14” is the most durable, versatile, valuable shotgun you can invest in. You cannot beat the Remington brand value, especially for such a moderate, fair price. 

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We cannot recommend the Remington Tac 14” enough for all your possible home defense and everyday practice shooting needs. Investing in this shotgun is easily one of the best decisions you can make for yourself and your family.

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