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Vepr .308 Accuracy, Reliability, and Cost

While it may not be so familiar to many, like the AK47, the VEPR is considered one of the most powerful and highest quality guns. The gun is designed by the State Space Agency of Ukraine and was announced as the first indigenous assault rifle in Ukraine. 

Worth noting about the gun is that it is also considered an upgrade of AK47, and its high quality is what made us stock it in our Miller Guns and Ammo store.

A Vepr 308 is especially good for hunting due to its accuracy. The gun has an ergonomic design and is also fitted with a side rail for effortless scope mounting. The guns also have tight tolerances, which enhances their accuracy.

Regardless of the weather, this is a gun that you will not regret carrying this gun to the mountains. 

Things you will love about the Vepr 308

·   Elegant and comfortable design

First things first. You will fall in love with the rifle at first sight. It looks just as comfortable as it feels. The thumbhole is exceptionally comfortable to hold, and the gun is just beautiful. It has an elegant appearance, and you will love every moment you will spend with it.

·   Versatility

The Vepr 308 is one of the most versatile rifles you will find on the market. The gun can be used by snipers, professional shooters, and even hunters. The most outstanding feature that makes the rifle versatile is the chambering. We are talking about a .223 Rem and 5.45×39. It has a 308 Win. and 7.62x54R and 7.62×39. 

The guns have the perfect chambering for their style.

·   Loading mechanism

The Vepr 308 is a semi-automatic gun. The gun removes the empty case after firing and loads a fresh cartridge using the previous shot’s recoil energy. However, the shorter has to pull the trigger to fire a shot.

What makes the semi-automatic rifle a good choice? It is perfect for target shooting and consequently a great option if you hunt or participate in tournament shooting. It allows you enough time to focus on a moving target as you reload, meaning it is easier for you to get the right shot. 

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The semi-automatic Vepr is what you need to hone your shooting, aiming, and motor skills. 

·   Vepr 308 distinct features

Vepr 308 comes in three main barrel lengths, 16.5”, 20”, and 23”. The barrel type is round and has a thumbhole stock type. A vented recoil pad features the butt, and the magazine capacity is 5 or 10. Vepr 308 has open adjustable sights and an adjustable trigger, allowing the user to modify or manipulate the force that will take a short time off. 

The Vepr 308b comes in lengths 36.8”, 40.75”, and 43.75”. The rifle’s weight is 8.5 lbs. 

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Vepr .308 Review

If you are looking for a reliable and accurate gun that is also easy to shoot, then you might as well acquire the Vepr 308. The MOLOT-manufactured gas-operated semi-automatic rifle is an upgrade of the AK-47 and will work in any weather. Whether you are looking to protect the livestock in your ranch, win in the shooting tournaments, or hunt deers and wild boars, this is what you need.

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