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Anderson AM15 Rifle Review

Anderson has been manufacturing guns under its label for only ten years, but it has existed for forty years. The company would be a toddler if gun companies were people, so being one of the leading sellers of AR rifles in the country is impressive.

Anderson has manufactured and sold 400,000 AM15 rifles over the last ten years. The rifles are in the AR category. So, is this gun worth the hype? Let us look at it in some detail below.

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The Manufacturing Process

Many gun companies outsource the manufacturing of certain parts of their guns. Anderson themselves manufactured gun parts for other gun makers for a long time. However, the company doesn’t outsource any of the main components for their Anderson AM15 rifle.

They only outsource the manufacture of screws and some of the gun’s accessories. Centralized manufacturing means more centralized and effective quality control.

RF84 Treatment

Anderson has the proprietary no-oil-needed treatment for its guns, making the maintenance of their products a lot less demanding.

Besides lubricating the gun’s moving parts, this RF85 technology reduces friction and the gun’s heat. Studies show that cutting blades that have been treated with the RF85 technology stay over 1000 cooler while at work. 

Any gun buyer will be pleased to know that RF85 isn’t some snake oil. Independent laboratories have verified the efficacy of this technology independently. One other impressive attribute of the RF84 technology is that it is ingrained throughout the gunmetal. As such, the lubricating effect doesn’t wear out with time.

The Anderson AM15 is Easy to Clean

The Anderson AM15 rifle is so easy to clean that it is unreal. You can remove over 90% of the power residue on this rifle by washing it with soap and water. Whatever remains can be removed using a specifically designed brush.

The Body

This rifle’s barrel is 24 inches long, and it has a 1:8 twist rate. Further, the barrel is a 5.56mm NATO tube, and it has a 0.936 gas block. The manufacturer has set this rifle’s gas block at a carbine position. Besides this, the muzzle has ½ -28 TPI threaded, and it is equipped with an A2 flash hider.

The Anderson AM15 has an ergonomic pistol grip. It also has a hand shelf which provides the comfort necessary as you await your quarry. The rifle’s butt has sufficient length to allow you the adjust for pull as necessary. The gun has a three-pound trigger, and you get a high-quality Harris LMS bipod with it.

Weather and Accuracy

Many rifles fail when you try to use them in freezing conditions, but the Anderson AM15 remains completely unfazed in any weather. It delivered a punch just as well in sub-zero temperatures and without the usual loading glitches.

We noted earlier that one of the rifle’s main selling points is RF84 technology which cools it when in use. It helps maintain the gun’s temperature even when you use it under scorching temperatures.

Is AM15 the same as AR-15

Colt also adopted the name “M-15” for their weapon. But was actually the same AR-15 with a different label in aluminum. The short version is that the M-15 is an AR-15. It’s actually the closest version to the original namesake.

Can Anderson AM15 shoot 223?

Anderson’s entry-level rifle, the AM-15 Optic Ready Rifle, is high-quality and affordable. This rifle is chambered with. 223/5.56 and features a 16-inch Chrome Moly Vanadium steel barrel and an M4 contour. It also has a 1:8 twist.

Is Anderson AR-15 still available?

Anderson Manufacturing has been a pioneer in innovation for more than 30+ years. Each rifle is made in our Hebron facility, Kentucky, and features exceptional performance, reliability, and value. We use only the best Anderson machined parts.

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With the Anderson AM15 rifle, you can easily hit your fist-sized targets at 500 yards without requiring wind corrections in typical weather. The gun’s accuracy is still high at 800 yards, but you will need to make adjustments for the wind at this distance. If you are wondering Are Anderson AM15 any good?  Anderson Manufacturing’s AM15 Rifle was a pleasant surprise for me. The Kentucky arms producer also has a good selection of parts and components that are worth looking into, especially if your goal is to build an AR.

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