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What you need to know about the Glock 19

The word Glock is synonymous with quality firearms. The Glock 19 has become the most sought-after concealed and carry a pistol on the market today. With an average price of $500, and endless modifications available, this makes a great first gun. This hand gun’s body is made of metal and polymer, giving the shooter a firm grip and solid construction.

Body and Magazine

The Glock’s shape is ideal for concealment as it makes the gun small and relatively light. It is 7.28″ long from the barrel to the hilt and it has a width of 1.18″. It weighs 23.65 ounces with an empty magazine, and from the dimensions and weight, you can see why the gun is ideal for concealing and carrying. The magazine capacity is 15 rounds plus one round in the chamber. Some of the more restrictive states in the US only allow for 10-round magazines.

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The newest version of Glock 19 has renewed ergonomics, and it has grooves on the grip to enable you to hold it firmly as you shoot.


Glock 19 9 mm has a 5.5-pound trigger which is, in our view, just right to keep the gun from an accidental discharge while making shooting the gun a joyous experience. There have been no reports of gun misfiring when using ammunition from any of the leading manufacturers. If you feel the 5.5-pound trigger is too heavy for you, you can make it a little lighter by switching the trigger connector.

The design philosophy for this gun is reliability first, and the manufacturer has had to sacrifice some of the aspects that make for accuracy. However, these sacrifices don’t mean that the gun is inaccurate; it is accurate enough for self-defense and range shooting. You can improve the gun’s accuracy by mounting a different barrel and fitting the handgun with better sights.

The term ‘Glock finger’ is used to describe a bruise caused by a Glock’s trigger guard on the shooter’s middle finger, and you can get it when using this handgun too. You might want to have it machined to a more comfortable size. Whether experienced or novice, any shooter will have an easy time using this gun because its recoil is not aggressive.

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The gun’s package typically has three magazines of ten of fifteen rounds depending on where you live; there is also a speed loader in the package. This magazine is efficient in shooting, and it is also relatively easy to load individual rounds on the magazine when empty.


Glock as a brand is renowned for reliability, and the 19 is no different. It has a dual-recoil spring which is more resistant to wear and tear, and it enables your gun to serve you for a long time. This enhances the handgun’s reliability even after shooting many rounds.

Is Glock 19 a reliable pistol?

If you are looking to modify a pistol, the Glock 19 is a great choice. Glock 19 pistols look fantastic with stippled grips and flared mag wells. They also have machined slides and nitride-coated barrels. They are also easy to find since this gun is one of the most popular to modify.

What happens to a Glock fire when it is dropped?

Glock refers to the striker-fired system as its “Safe Action” operating method, and that is quite true. A Glock cannot be fired if it is not depressed. This means that accidental falls from holsters or other objects to the ground can’t cause a hammer forward to impact the primer.

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How many rounds can a Glock 19 hold?

The Glock 26 is compact and can be carried concealed. It has a standard capacity for 10 rounds, and the +2 extension increases that to 12. However, it can also be used with factory magazines such as the Glock 17, Glock 18, or Glock 19, which can hold 15, 17, 19, 31, or 33 rounds.

This gun remains true to Glock’s tradition of safety, where the trigger is protected by a lever that must be pulled for the gun to fire. The presence of this lever makes it impossible to have an accidental discharge, although it has no external safety switch.

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