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Should You Buy A Walther Creed 9mm Full-size 16rd 4″ Pistol?

Most buyers who come to Las Cruces gun store looking for pistols often have one question; “Is Walther Creed a good gun?” They usually end up taking the gun home. If you are looking for adequacy in pistol features and aesthetics, then this is the gun for you. 

Shooters who have interacted with the Walther pistol have been impressed by the gun’s ergonomic grip, which makes handling easy. They say it is one of the most comfortable guns you could come across. While the Walther Creed pistol has all these fantastic features, it is worth noting that the manufacturer worked hard to remove all the extra features to make it adorable. 

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Walther Creed 9mm is any good?

The gun costs up to $200 less compared to other guns of the same class. 

The modern pistol comes with a 16-round magazine with a plastic case. The gun’s overall length is 7.3 inches and has a 4-inch barrel. When unloaded, the gun weighs 27 ounces. 

With the gun, you are assured of long-term service. The barrel and the slide are often prone to rust, but not with this gun. The slide and barrel are Tenifer-treated, making it resistant to corrosion and hence increasing their durability. The manufacturer has done a great job ensuring the durability of the gun by making the sight housings with steel. 

Something else unique about the gun is that it has cocking serrations both at the back and front of the slide. The trigger also lacks a leaf to a clock movement. 

The gun’s magazine release button is behind the trigger, on the left side of the frame. You do not need to adjust the firing grp at all to be able to reach and release the magazine. The Walther Creed pistol also has a captive recoil spring. 

After exploring the gun with most of the customers at the Las Cruces gun store, I gathered that they have the same impressed feeling about the Picatinny rail. The rail on the dust cover is responsible for the ease of the laser module or light simple.  

The Walther Creed also has an outstanding feature that allows you to firmly grasp and rip out the magazine in case there is a malfunction. 

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Is there safety in the Walther creed?

The gun includes three passive safety features, including two drop safeties (which eliminates the safety blade that appears to cut the trigger of most polymer guns) and a firing pin block. The gun can also be disassembled and reassembled by anyone with opposable thumbs.

Walther Arms manufacture Walther Creed. 

The pistol is recoil-operated and semi-automatic. It has a 9mm caliber with 16+1 rounds. The barrel length is 4 inches, but the overall weight of the gun is 7.3 inches. The width and height are 1.3 and 5.6 inches, respectively.

The gun weighs 27 ounces and has a trigger pull weight of 5 pounds, 8 ounces. Walther Creed rifling is six grooves. The sights are two-dot, with an adjustable drift rear. The main accessories of the polymer frame pistol include a hard case, lock, manual, and two magazines. 

You need to take note of this gun because it is an incredible soft shooter. The weight of the gun and its ergonomic grip also make it comfortable. The steel magazine also adds to the reliability of the gun, as it is unlikely to malfunction. 


The Walther CREED 9mm is a great gun for its price at $329.99 or perhaps even less. is a good value. Both the slide and frame are of high quality and have all the necessary components. Comfortably contoured, the grip is small enough to be used by people with smaller hands. It’s very accurate.

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Walther Creed 9mm Full-size 16rd 4″ Pistol

Walther Creed 9mm Full-size 16rd 4" Pistol

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