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The truth about the Mossberg 715P .22 LR

The Mossberg 715P .22 LR is an excellent gun for self-defense. The gun uses .223 ammunition, but if you get conversion kits for .22 LR cartridges, you can use the more affordable .22. The kit allows you to spend more time in the shooting range since .22 cartridges are cheaper.


The prima facie appearance of the Mossberg 715P .22 LR is the same as that of an AR pistol. There is virtually no similarity between Mossberg 715P and AR beyond their appearance.  

The receiver of the 715P is entirely covered with plastic shell-usually black. This is unlike the AR receiver, which is visible. The receiver used by this gun is the same as that of 702 Plinkster. 

However, the 702 Plinkster’s receiver is visible as opposed to the 715P’s, which is not.

The 715P has cross-bolt-style safety. This is another difference with the AR, whose safety is receiver-mounted.

One of the things you might not like about this gun is the time it takes to clean. A thorough cleaning will require you to remove several screws and several parts of the weapon. The reason why cleaning is such a labor-intensive exercise is that 715P has a plastic shell. Even stripping it in the field is still more work than it takes to strip other guns in its category.

You don’t need to worry about whether you will be able to do it as the manufacturer’s manual gives you clear instructions. It is only that you will take longer.

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Barrel and Body

The 715 p has a 6-inch barrel with a twist rate of between 1 and 16 inches, and it has an A2 flash suppressor.

It weighs 3.5 pounds with a full magazine attached, and it has quad rails on the upper side. The quadrants provide the shooter a place to rest their hand. It is also on these rails that you can attach other accessories, including laser and white light. There is also a place to attach a sling to this gun, making it much easier to carry around.

The manufacturer has fitted this gun with a UTG 1 X 30mm sight; the sight is electronic. You have the leeway to add a different type of sight.


The Mossberg 715P comes with one magazine in the package. There are two different magazines that you can use with the gun. One of them has ten rounds capacity, and the other has 25 rounds. The ten-round is explicitly made for states with restrictions on the number of rounds you can have in a magazine.


The Mossberg 715P has a high level of accuracy over short distances of about 25 yards. This makes it an ideal gun for pest control, hunting small games, and personal protection. What is more, this pistol, though comparatively large, has surprisingly low recoil.

Most new and inexperienced shooters cite the guns’ recoils as one of their main reasons for being afraid of shooting. The 715P’s mild recoil eliminates this and makes making it easier for the new shooters to practice.

New shooters have another reason to love this gun; the easy-to-use peep sights. The Mossberg 715P pistol apertures are wide on the rear. This makes it easy for inexperienced shooters to view the target through the peeps and still manage eye-hand combinations. The facility makes it easier for beginners to hit their target, increasing their competence before they proceed to bigger guns.

Many people may think that you can use the 715P to train for future use of the more advanced AR pistol since the 715P is an entry-level gun due to its similarity in appearance. That would be a bad idea. As we earlier observed, there are few functional similarities between the two guns. The way you change magazines is different, as is the activation of safety and bolt operation between the two guns.

The only two functions you can train for AR using the Mossberg 715P; sighting and aiming using the gun’s scopes. The triggers of these two guns are also quite similar, and you, therefore, can use the entry-level 715P to train for AR. 

The other reason why this gun may be suitable for a beginner is that though it is inexpensive, the trigger is of good quality one. Low-priced guns often have heavy triggers, but this isn’t the case with the Mossberg 715P.

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Not any .22 round will work with your 715P. This is one of the gun’s attributes you will find limiting or even frustrating. Some users have railed against the gun for being unable to release a single round when they attempt to use it. The most likely reason why they had this bad experience was that they used the wrong rounds. So far, the Remington Golden Bullet – 36 grain has been proven to work best with this pistol.

You can also use Federal Value Pack – 36 grain and also the Eley Club – 40 grain. The Federal Value Pack and Eley rounds are often not as flawless as the Remington bullets, but they don’t have significant issues when used with the Mossberg 715P.

You may want to take a few visits to the range to see whether your favorite .22 rounds work well with the gun if you prefer to use ammunition other than the ones we have listed above. If they don’t, you can try the suggestions we have given above. Being ready this way will ensure your 715P doesn’t fail you when you need it for a more serious undertaking.

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The Mossberg 715P is a rimfire semi-automatic pistol for small game hunting plinking and target shooting. This high-capacity pistol features a blued finish 6 barrel with A2-style muzzle brake full-length top rail with adjustable front and rear sights and a black synthetic frame. The 715P supports an optional 10-round detachable magazine. This model includes a UTG 1x30mm Electronic Dot Sight with red/green illumination.

Weight3.5 LBS.
Barrel Length6 BARREL
Capacity25 ROUNDS
Caliber.22 LR


This is the one gun you want to have as a blinker. The Mossberg 715P is also an excellent gun for first-time shooting. You may even want to use it to teach your children the basics of shooting. You should also ensure that you use the right bullets for this gun. The other advantage of the pistol is its accuracy at a short range and its low price. It is ideal for use in such conditions.

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